The NEETs population in Europe is heterogeneous and includes people with secondary higher education, secondary lower education, and tertiary education. At the same time, there is a shortage of qualified personnel to meet the needs of businesses due to lack of expertise in the field of transversal and especially in digital skills.


The GOdIGITAL aims to improve employability among NEET people (Neither in Employment nor in Education and Training) people of 18-30 years old. This will be achieved through the development of an open online tool that will provide users with personalised learning paths to improve their digital skills.


The project will come up with the following tangible results: 

  • Develop a free online self- assessment tool to identify the digital competences of the young users and provide them with relevant material.
  • Develop specific OER learning materials to create personalised paths to help users improve their digital skills.
  • A network of European organisations that will promote the EU values.