Find your dream job without losing your privacy

The online sphere comes with challenges that are as present during job hunting as during any other online activity. For this reason, the GoDigital Project also contains a unit to prepare you for all issues that may arise. It is called “Safety & Problem Solving”.

The first problem that you must be aware of is that of personal information: the protection of your personal data is crucial and knowing what to include and what to exclude from the information your share online is important. This is some of the insight that GoDigital aims to provide you through a series of activities such as:

  • Data protection while searching for a job online
  • Data protection during a video interview
  • Digital footprint
  • Best practices on protecting your data online
  • The privacy issue
  • The right to be forgotten
  • Privacy policy for your website
  • blockchain

Another issue that you may face relates to the skill gap: being a NEET, you may find that there is a difference between the skills you have and the skills that are required by the industry you are applying to. This gap, GoDigital aims to reduce it through this module. The activities included to tackle this issue are the following:

  • identifying your digital skills gap
  • skill gap vs signaling gap
  • using

Finally, GoDigital offers you information on how to solve different problems relating to the different means of communication used during your job hunt such as problems with the job hunt itself, problems with video interview or problems with your website.

Using these tips and tricks will help you not only be safer online but also highlight your skills in the most beneficial way while avoiding any problems that would hinder your search for new opportunities. It is clear, to the point, and perfectly suited for NEETs!