Multiplier Event in Greece

IDEC hosted the Greek multiplier Event through the GoToWebinar platform on 14/09/2021.

The agenda started with a presentation by Orestis Ntagiantas, IDEC’s main responsible for the implementation of the project, which included an overview of Go Digital, its main ideas, goals and benefits, along with a quick overview of the content of its 4 Modules.

Afterwards there was also a hands-on demonstration of the Accelerator tool, beginning with the self assessment questionnaire, proceeding with the skills wheel and the activity cards, and ending with the badge system.

Then, Mr Konstantinos Kiousis who is the Business Development Manager of DELTA VET Centre, gave a hands-on tutorial on the proper use of LinkedIn which is heavily featured in the produced material of the project.

Finally, Mrs Nefeli Dimopoulou delivered a brief presentation on SkillsMatch, a recently launched Erasmus+ project with similar thematics to those of the Go Digital project.

The event ended with a Q&A session and discussion with the attendees, who evaluated the event via the questionnaire that the consortium created, and received certifications of attendance.